Business Broadband

Internet Access

Icebytes Telecoms offer a comprehensive choice of business broadband and high speed internet access. The importance of a good, business quality, internet connection cannot be over-emphasised in today’s technology driven economy. Business now depends on wired or wireless internet connection, WiFi hotspots or mobile broadband offering ultra-fast 4G speeds. Increasingly, applications are being delivered from remote, hosted locations, via “The Cloud”, but these services are only as good as your internet connection.

The benefits of “cloud computing” are becoming more and more apparent to businesses: little or no capital outlay on expensive software; finance through operating expenditure – monthly rentals; invariably cheaper than outright purchase and with 100% immediate tax relief; latest developments and technology always available; 24/7 support and no maintenance costs; anywhere, anytime access. Smaller organisations can now enjoy real competitive advantage, benefiting from enterprise grade services but at small company prices.

For all of these advantages to be available, it is essential to have business internet access that can provide the proper connectivity to support this new business operating model.

ADSL Broadband Packages

Business quality internet access
Up to 24Mb download speed
Up to 1Mb upload (1.5Mb with Annex M)
Elevated Traffic Weighting (packet priority)
Monthly data download: 10Gb to unlimited

VDSL/ADSL Fibre Based Packages

Up to 80Mb download
Up to 20Mb upload
Guaranteed speed and data throughput
Monthly data download: 50Gb to unlimited

Assured ADSL Services

Quality of Service guaranteed
End-to-end managed service
Cisco router included
Levels – 5; 10; 15; 20; 30

* Installation may be subject to additional construction costs