Tablet Screen Repair

Have your broken your Tablet glass screen? If so we can repair your tablet touch screen.

Tablet Dock connector repair

Have you have damaged your Samsung Tablet dock connector or charging socket? If so we can repair or replace sync charge connector.

If your tablet no longer syncs with a computer or charges via the 30 pin dock connector, then this is the repair service you will need.

A broken Tablet 30 pin dock connector is classed by any vendors as a non-warranty repair and they will charge you accordingly. Icebytes docking port repair service is a cheaper option .

Tablet Battery Replacement

Has the battery in your Tablet started to drain quickly, Does not Hold Charge, or the battery overheats ? If so we can repair your  tablet battery by fitting a brand new one (Model Dependent).

Tablet Headphone socket repair

Has your Tablet started to develop headphone socket issues? Perhaps you may not be able to fully insert the headphones jack plug into the socket or you can not play music through the headphones or only hear sound from one ear, at Icebytes we can get this repaired or replaced for you.

Tablet Volume Buttons repair

If your Tablet has button issues. Common symptoms of failed or faulty buttons are your volume down or volume up no longer respond when pressed. Our Tablet volume button repair will also fix any volume button issues you may have.

Tablet Loud Speaker repair

Tablet  loud speaker repair is perfect if you are unable to hear sounds or music from your tablet. We will replace the speaker assembly located on the bottom of the device with a brand new one.

Tablet Camera repair

Has the camera on your Tab stopped working ? If so we will replace the camera with a new one.

Tablet Water Damage repair

Has your Tablet been water damaged? Maybe you split a drink over it or got liquid on it? We will clean your device and attempt to restore the unit back to full working order.

Our Tablet water damage repair service, includes an ultrasonic cleaning bath this allows us to clean the liquid damaged tablet if suffering with board oxidization, corrosion or maybe sticky liquid having dried or evaporated leaving a conductive residue.

What do you do if your tablet gets liquid damaged? Just follow these simple steps, firstly switch the tablet off, do NOT turn the tablet back on once the device is switched off now place the tablet inside a bag or box filled with rice, the rice is used to absorb the moisture inside the Tablet. Then contact our expect at IceBytes and send the device into us we will repair and return to you.