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Icebytes provides telephone systems to businesses and organisations throughout the UK, from single-user systems through to large corporations with multi-users and complex requirements.

Your telephone system is a vital part of your business communication arrangement. In our technology driven society, along with mobile phones and internet access, your phone system is still an essential part of a unified communication strategy.


IP and VoIP telephony solutions that help realise costs savings, productivity gains,
improve flexibility and take advantage of today’s changing technological landscape


Expert advice to find you the ideal solution

A range of robust phone systems for all business sizes

Project Managers will handle the installation, programming, training and ongoing support

Your customers are the reason you are in business and they must enjoy a good experience when they telephone you. How the inbound calls are handled speaks volumes for your business. It is also important to remember that your employees need the right set of communication tools to deal professionally with all of your business contacts. Choosing the right phone system in today’s difficult economic environment is an essential part of your business. We can help you identify which is the right system for you.